Scrum for marketing

Course objectives

  • Understanding the differences between agile marketing and waterfall marketing
  • Description of key advantages (adaptivity, effectivity) of agile marketing
  • Effectively start using Scrum for marketing 
  • Topic presented using real case-studies and interactive workshops

Who should attend

This course is for everyone who wants to find out the many benefits of using Scrum for marketing and who wants to learn how to start with the adoption (forming a team, creating a Product Backlog, doing the first Sprint) of Scrum for marketing.

Course topics

  • Comparison of agile (adaptive) and waterfall (predictive) marketing using two case studies
  • Aplication of values and principles of Agile Manifesto in marketing
  • Workshop: Forming a Scrum marketing team
  • Workshop: Creating a Product Backlog
  • Workshop: First Sprint

Further information

  • Course length: 1 day (8 hours)
  • Course language: Czech / English
  • Course difficulty: Medium
  • Certificate of attendance: Yes

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